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Sabre | 500,000 Volt | Self-defense Stun Gun | Free Shipping

Must be 18 years of age to purchase. Please check all State and Local laws before ordering this product. Rechargeable Stun Guns ship with a residual charge. Please use caution in handling Stun Guns even before charging them for the first time.

Product Overview

The SABRE 500,000-volt Stun Gun provides an effective, intimidating, and psychological deterrent. When deployed, a loud electrical current jump from probe to probe which can be both visualized and heard from a distance. The Stun Gun's probes require direct contact with the attacker's torso or major muscle groups. The SABRE 500,000-volt stun gun is 6 inches tall with wrist strap and belt clip, On-Off safety switch, separate firing trigger and uses two 9 volt alkaline (battery not included). Every SABRE Electronic Defense Device is backed by a two-year warranty and is test fired before leaving the factory.

Technical Information
    • Volts Output: 500,000
    • Length: 6"
    • Battery: Two 9 Volt Battery (not included)
    • Delivery Method: Direct Contact

  • On-Off Safety Switch with Separate Firing Trigger
  • Wrist Strap and Belt Clip Included
  • Two Year Warranty
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