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About Nevada Safes

Nevada Safes is owned and operated by Captain James Dillon, Retired, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Las Vegas, Nevada.

While serving as a Police Captain, Jim was frustrated as a consumer with the lack of selection and poor customer service when purchasing safes through local stores. This frustration led Jim to establish Gun Safes For Cops, LLC, in 2007. Originally, Gun Safes For Cops was a “Police officers only” company, strictly focused on providing quality safes to the local law enforcement community.

The success of Gun Safes For Cops made Jim realize that the public and local law enforcement in Las Vegas had a need for a wide selection of safes, great prices, friendly customer service and most importantly, professional delivery services. Upon retiring in 2010, Jim took a year off to research quality safe manufacturers and scout out optimal sites that would enable him to serve the general public as well as fellow officers, and on May 1, 2012 Jim officially opened Discount Gun Safe Warehouse to the public.

Since then, Jim has continued to seek ways to improve his services while providing a quality customer service experience. By 2014, Jim had a core of quality safe manufacturers and decided to rebrand Discount Gun Safe Warehouse while expanding the warehouse and showroom to offer customers a larger in-stock selection. With a new name and a new look, Discount Gun Safe Warehouse changed to Nevada Safes and relocated to the current location at 5250 W. Charleston Boulevard.

Jim is proud to have served his country as a military veteran of the United States Air Force (1976-1980), and his community, as a 30-year veteran of the police department (1980-2010). Now Jim is excited about his new career providing quality safe products, accessories and technical services that support private citizens and their property.

Thanks for making Nevada Safes so successful and for your continued support.

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See What The Review Journal Said About Us!
Anyone interested in buying a gun safe in Las Vegas would be hard-pressed to find a more reputable seller than Jim Dillon.

The former Las Vegas police captain retired in 2010 exactly 30 years after joining the department. But the 56-year-old, whom friends call “JD,” wasn’t done working.

He opened Discount Gun Safe Warehouse last year at 3065 N. Rancho Drive, pouring his retirement funds into the idea of a store with an enormous selection, no sales pressure and a top-rate delivery service.

He sells safes from five companies. His warehouse displays 500 safes and 90 different models. It’s already the largest gun safe store in Nevada, Dillon said.

“All the safe companies in Southern Nevada put together don’t have this selection,” Dillon said. “We’re the largest, and now we’re trying to be the best and most successful.”

Dillon already made a career for himself as a successful police officer. Of his 30 years, 23 were as a supervisor. He was a captain his last nine years, notably overseeing the O.J. Simpson robbery investigation and the New York-New York casino shooting while head of the robbery/homicide bureau in 2007.

He finished his career as commander of the training bureau.

“It was a great career, but I was tired of the corporate structure and the grind,” he said. “I said if I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it on my own.”

This was actually Dillon’s second foray into the safe-selling business. While he was still at the department in 2007, Dillon ran a home business selling Winchester safes to local police officers and their close friends.

In his first go-round, he had 15 safes delivered to his home on a Friday. They were all gone the next afternoon.


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