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WHAT DO YOU WANT TO PROTECT? Nevada Safes is the largest safe warehouse in Nevada

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What a great shopping experience! First of all, they are the #1 authorized American Security Safe dealer in Southern Nevada! Unlike their competition, The Safe Keeper, who is not authorized to sell American Security Safes, But they advertise on their website and when you go inside, they have 4 older, some beat up, American Security Safes. They fooled me! Check them out! they are not a dealer! When I shopped, the salesman was quick to move me to other brands. I walked inside Nevada Safes, found 40 beautiful new American Security Safes, all sizes, models, colors and styles. The salesman was very helpful and informative. I shopped, purchased and confirmed delivery within an hour! I felt confident with the delivery crew knowing that the owner, a retired Las Vegas Metro Police Officer, conducts detailed background checks and random drug testing! If you want or need a safe, especially an American Security Safe.. Nevada Safes is the only place you will need. This is my 2nd safe purchase in 2 months! Thank you! Jack

Jack Lewis

We are selling our home and the listing starts this week. I suddenly found myself in need of a safe to store our valuables while we are out. On Saturday, I went to two of the closest competitors of Nevada Safe (Stanley Security Solutions & The Safe Keeper) first, At Stanley, I waited almost 15 minutes to be helped by a guy who was more interested in standing behind the counter than helping me. When he finally came over to help, he knew very little about the product and did not appear anxious to help me. When I selected a suitable safe on my own, I inquired about delivery time frames since I need the safe delivered ASAP. He informed me that the one truck he has for delivery is "out being certified" (???) and the earliest delivery date was April 12th (a month out). With that I left and went to The Safe Keeper. At The Safe Keeper, they were nice but not knowledgeable and it seemed like every safe I asked about was on order. Frustrated, I left and went to Nevada Safes. Upon entering, I was professionally greeted and questioned about my needs. I was shown several safes that fit my needs and budget but my biggest concern was delivery time frames. Although I was told that delivery was usually 7-10 days out, when I explained my situation, the salesperson said he will try to figure something out for me. I left and informed him that I would be back on Sunday to make a decision. I went back Sunday to buy a safe but needed to know how many days it would take to deliver since I needed it by Friday. They jumped through hoops for me and arranged delivery for the next day between 11:00 and 2:00. I bought the right safe at a great price that included taxes and delivery INTO THE HOUSE, NOT JUST "CURBSIDE" like the other places. On Monday at 10:30 I received a call from Nevada Safes saying they were on their way. At exactly 11:00 the delivery truck showed up and delivered my safe in perfect condition. The delivery men were polite, helpful, and professional. Nevada Safes will get my future business.

Rob Melvin

Very professional, great safe! Great bunch of guys. Great experience from buying to install in our home!

Greg M.

It was kinda scary dealing with these guys. They gave you the straight skinny on all the products, they gave you a very fair price, they installed it when they promised and they did it perfectly.... Is this still Las Vegas??!! If you are in the market for a safe and you don't buy from them you are crazy.

Douglas M.

Thank you for helping me make a great purchase on a great quality safe and extras I needed. The men that delivered my safe were very good, thank you. I would like to thank Marc, for all of his help in explaining all the different kinds of safe features to help me make a very important decision about which great safe would be best for me. Thank you

Ronald Lee Arnold

I went to Nevada Safes to do some "research" as I had been considering the purchase of a safe for my home. My friends and I entered at 9am and were greeted by Serge, who listened to my (our) needs, showed us several possibilities and stayed with us the entire time. He was honest, open, and VERY patient. I started out looking for 1 thing and in the end got something similar, but of much better quality. Serge was NOT pushy, NEVER pushed for something more expensive to make a sale. He opened and reopened and reopened various models as we browsed through their showroom. I made a decision that day but had to return home for measurements. On the way home we stopped at their "competitor" down the street also on Charleston. When we entered that store, the sales rep asked what we were interested in, we gave him the same criteria and he proceeded to show us ONE safe, after which he said "everything is more expensive than this one and this one is the bottom of the line. Look around if you want, just yell if you have any questions." 1. We were the ONLY customers. It wasn't like he was so busy he couldn't give a few minutes of his precious time. 2. There were some comparable models I had questions about.... but felt like I would be bothering him 'cause he was on the phone. 3. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, the man did not treat me as a serious customer from the moment I walked in the door. He acted like we weren't worth the trouble. I wouldn't give that company my business OR my money if they had the best deal in Vegas! Back to Nevada Safes..... A very LARGE SELECTION. Good quality choices. EVERY customer treated with interest and respect. NEVADA SAFES is the place to buy your safe. They will not disappoint! Mine is going to be delivered soon!

Barbara K.

So last Sunday I visited Nevada Safes for the first time. Loved the prices and the staff (Nelson and Lexi). Bought a Monster Vault to mount in my vehicle. When I went to take the drawer out to mount the unit in my vehicle, the drawer would not come out properly. The unit I had bought was a display model, so my bad for not checking it out more thoroughly prior to purchase. In any case, I called them a few days later and explained the situation. Lexi said to bring it by and asked what time I would be there. When I arrived, they swapped it out with a new one they had waiting for me. No hassle about any of it, simply outstanding customer service. I give this business my best recommendation! Thank you Nevada Safes!


Great all around. After getting the run around at "the other safe place", Nevada Safes made my purchase and product delivery painless. I'm a single dad, and my 2 and a half year old has to come with me everywhere, but Serge and the sales team were extremely helpful, while being very understanding as I was corralling my rambunctious toddler. After my purchase, the delivery team was on time, careful in my home, and extremely efficient and courteous. 5 stars. Highly recommended. When making a high dollar purchase like a safe, the last thing anyone wants is the business making it harder on the buyer. Nevada Safes has customer service nailed.

Eric G.

The helpfulness of Cindy was instrumental in the choosing of the perfect safe for my needs. I was initially looking at the Winchester 34, but after much discussion of what I needed and wanted in a new safe, I ended up getting the Cannon Armory 100. The purchase was smooth and the "white glove" delivery was absolutely the best. I would recommend Nevada Safes for any safe or accessory you might need. The after sale follow up to make sure the delivery went smoothly was just icing on the cake. Thanks Cindy.

Louis D.

WHAT A STORE! I was burglarized last week and had all my guns stolen! I was sick! I went to a couple of Safe Stores around town and didn't like the selection or the sales people. I stopped by Nevada Safes on Charleston, I could not believe the huge selection of safes! They had all kinds of safes in the showroom. I would guess hundreds of models. I worked with Cindy, who was very knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. No pressure to buy now. I came back two more times before purchasing a very high security commercial safe by American Security. I was very excited and saved $3517 because of the discounted prices, plus I saved money paying by check. While I was scheduling the delivery of my new safe, I found out that Nevada Safes is owned by a retired Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Captain. For me I knew I had bought from the right place! Also Cindy told me that the delivery crew were all employees who have been drug tested and background checked. She also told me they deliver using unmarked trucks so that my neighbors wouldn't see I am getting a safe. Paul and Allan delivered my safe. They did a great job maneuvering my new 3,500lb safe into my bedroom perfectly. GREAT JOB Cindy and Nevada Safes!

Brandon S.

Dear Nevada Safes,

On Behalf of Officer Michael Torres and all of South Central Area Command, I would like to thank you for your kindness and generosity. Your donation of either money or an auction/raffle item was truly needed in order to assist a young family suffering the tragic loss of their first born son. Thanks to your generosity, we were able to raise just over $20,00 for the Torres family. These much-needed resources will go a long way toward medical bills. Your actions in support of Officer Torres will not be forgotten. Thank you for being an amazing community partner.


Kelly McMahill, Captain of South Central Area Command

Captain Kelly McM

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Nevada Safes produces and sells high-quality safes and gun safes in Las Vegas, Nevada. We provide a great selection of safes and offer top-notch customer service to help anyone looking to protect their guns, documents, or other valuables. We endeavor to supply our customers with only the best safes and gun safes in Las Vegas Nevada. While our safe store is in Las Vegas Nevada, we proudly ship our premium quality safes all over the country.

If you’re interested in any of our American-made safes, browse our site or visit our safe store in Las Vegas, Nevada, to view our full selection. If you have any questions, please call or stop in.

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Nevada Safes is owned and operated by Captain James Dillon, Retired, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Las Vegas, Nevada.

While serving as a Police Captain, Jim was frustrated as a consumer with the lack of selection and poor customer service when purchasing safes through local stores. This frustration led Jim to establish Gun Safes For Cops, LLC, in 2007. Originally, Gun Safes For Cops was a “Police officers only” company, strictly focused on providing quality safes to the local law enforcement community.