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Graffunder | Castle | C7240 | Luxury Safe | Custom Order

When you need to be absolutely certain your valuables are protected, you can count on a Graffunder.

Since 1968, Graffunder Safes and Vault Doors have been hand-crafted for commercial and residential use. Guided by the philosophy "quality over quantity", our products exceed industry standards at every level and in every area. With a specialty in custom work, this business has earned its reputation as "the Rolls Royce of Safes".

2" overall body constructed of 1/2" high tensile steel outer and 14- & 16-gauge inner plates enclosing a high-density composite material. 4" overall door insulated with U.L. approved material, outer door plate being 1" thick high tensile steel.

Custom Quote Required for ALL Graffunder Safes & Vaults.
Please Note: These are custom built safes. Pricing varies based on current price of steel/materials. Price quotes are only good for 72 hours.  


Model  Dimensions Approx Weight  Fire Rating Gun Capacity 
C7240 71"H x 40.5"W x 28.25"D 3025 lbs. 1 Hour @ 1750 ° 14-48 Guns
Any safe model can be designed to your specifications. Graffunder can also manufacture safes and vault doors at higher burglary ratings.
If you have questions or need additional assistance, please contact us (702) 331-7233.

Additional Features:

  • 8 to 10 solid 1 1/4" stainless steel locking bolts, active front and back to prevent door removal after hinge attack
  • U.L. listed group II combination lock, with re-lock and 1 million possible combinations
  • Additional relocking devices activated by tool and/or torch attack for added security
  • Lock protected by Ball Bearing Anti Drill Barriers
  • Fully recessed, tightly tolerance door for protection against forced entry
  • High temperature heat seal door jamb with additional intumescent fire and smoke seal
  • Hardened hinge pins that ride on thrust bearing washers
  • Attractive paint finishes to choose from
  • Variety of interiors to choose from
  • All safes covered by limited lifetime warranty

Door Security Features:

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