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Temporary Safe Storage Service

Do you need to leave your property but don’t have a place for your safe yet? Or maybe you are doing some remodeling and need your safe out of the way for a few weeks? Whatever it is, don’t worry, Nevada Safes can help you! Our highly skilled and experienced safe movers will pick up your safe, wrap it and package it to prevent any type damage and bring it to our secure warehouse. When you are ready to have your safe brought back to you and installed, it’s as simple as calling us to schedule a delivery date. Our temporary safe storage service is a quick and affordable solution to store your safe!

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Get The Dimensions, Brand, Model, Name, as well as any other information. Every Safe is different and might require different sets of tools and expertise to be moved succesfully.

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Clear The Way

Make Sure there is enough space for us to go in or out with the safe without any problem and clear obstacles.

Our safe storage rates are pretty simple. You will be quoted for safe pick up and drop off based on the weight of the safe (see safe moving rate table below).


Safe storing fee is $50 for up to 2 weeks of storage. After that a $25 fee will be charged for every additional week.


Safe Weight Ground Floor Price Second Floor Price

Up To 245 Pounds



246 - 400 Pounds



401 - 600 Pounds



601 - 1,000 Pounds



1,001 - 1,300 Pounds



1,301 - 1,600+ Pounds



*All Deliveries + Tax (NAC) *Installation inside the building. Bolt Down is $89.99 *Stairs only possible if the staircase is suitable & Manager approves *Prices are subject to change without notice. Pricing based on 10 miles from store. $5 per mile thereafter. * determines mileage. Cancellation fees apply.

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