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Safe Installation Services

Play it safe and call Nevada Safes.

Your safety is our priority!


Installing safes is what we do for a living. With over 12 years of experience and thousands of safes installed, Nevada Safes is the best way to go, and the safe choice to make. When installing safes, equipment is just as important as the skills, and we’ve got plenty of both! Our Safe Installation Services are for anyone who wishes to have their safe installed in their home or business. Our technicians are the best in the industry! We are the ONLY Safe Moving Company in Las Vegas that provides Quarterly Updated (LVMPD) Police Records Checks on ALL of our employees. Don't trust just any Safe Moving Company!


Our promise to you: "We will install your safe quickly, efficiently and without any damage to your property." ~James Dillion, Owner.






No Other Safe Company or Safe Moving Company Does Quarterly Updated Police Certified Records Checks and Random Drug Testing of their Employees. NOBODY!!!

18,000+ Safes Installed

15+ Years of Service

500 + Happy Customer Reviews

What People are Saying

"David and his team did an awesome job delivering and installing our new safe. We had an awkward wall insert it was going into and they were able to get it installed quickly and without any damage.
They were respectful of our home and the customer service was amazing. They made sure to show me how to work the safe, give me tips about it, and make sure I knew to register the warranty right away.
Definitely the place to get full service from purchase to installation."



"Great service and very pleased with my purchase. My safe was delivered by David and his partner. They provided a fast and efficient service as well as answered any questions I had. Thank you guys."






"Overall, a great experience, called Nevada Safes on Wednesday, they had it moved by Saturday! Quick, professional, and affordable, and highly recommended for your next safe move. The best place for installations and service in Las Vegas!!"





Cost to Install your Safe

Ground Floor

  • Limited to typical first-floor access involving 0 to 3 outside stair steps.
  • A flat level concrete or paved pathway is required.
  • Customer is responsible for ensuring the pathway, deck, steps, staircase and foundation are adequate to support the weight of the safe, safe transporting equipment and installation crew.
  • Certain stairways, marble floors, or other obstacles may involve additional charges.
  • Safe is taken off the pallet and packaging will be removed.


Second Floor

  • Stairs only possible if the staircase is suitable and manager approves.
  • Includes 4-15 additional stair steps inside the home.
  • Due to size and weight, stair carry is not available on safes heavier than 500lbs. 
  • In some cases, even the 25 and 35 size safes cannot be delivered due to landing space restrictions, stair case structure, and the spacing required for the safe and stair climbing equipment attached to the safe.
  • Delivery Includes set-up inside the house.


Additional services such as bolt down will incur additional charges.

Above table is for reference purposes only. Rates may vary depending on the logistics of the move.

Cost for our residential safe move customers, are based on the weight of the safe and diffulty of the job.

Bolt Down service is an additional $80.

*Prices are subject to change.

*Upstairs delivery is approved by Delivery Manager.



PLEASE NOTE: Difficult Installation due to outside terrain, types of stairways, second floor or multiple floor installations, marble/tile/wood floors, etc. may incur additional charges to complete the custom installation. We reserve the right to decline custom installations involving risk of personal injury or property damage. Property title of merchandise purchased will transfer to buyer at dealer's location. If you have any questions regarding custom installation requests, please contact us.




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