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Safe Anchoring Service


It is always a good Idea to bolt down your safe no matter what it weights. Even though it’s very rare for a thief to steal a whole safe, tipping a safe over is a common practice. We use ⅜” Red Head Concrete Wedge Anchors for most of our bolt downs. These anchors will add 500 pounds of pressure per bolt. Our Hilti drills will make clean holes in any type of flooring and won’t crack your tile. Our professional safe installers will bolt down your safe quickly, conveniently and without making a mess.


Get Safe Information

Get The Dimensions, Brand, Model, Name, as well as any other information. Every Safe is different and might require different sets of tools and expertise to be moved succesfully.

Choose A Spot

Take your time to find the best place for your safe to be, keep into account, dimensions and accesibility. Have a secondary location selected in case the safe can not be placed in your first choice.

Check For Holes

Please ensure your safe comes with pre-drilled holes from the factory. Drilling any additional holes in a safe will tamper with its fire rating, voiding the warranty. For this reason we can not drill your safe.

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