Safe Consignment Services Nevada

Are you interested in selling a safe you own at a price you want? At Nevada Safes we offer safe consignment at our warehouse. We’ll sell a safe for you, and while we’ll give advice on the pricing for it, you decide on the final selling price. Our safe consignment at our warehouse is a great way to sell your safe. The details about our safe consignment services can be found below.

Customer(consignor) agrees to deliver or pay (upfront) for Nevada Safes to move your safe to our location.

Nevada Safes agrees to service the safe, including replacing parts. Consignor (person whom owns safe) agrees to pay for these expense, which can be deferred until safe is sold

Nevada Safes will appraise the safe and provide a letter of appraisal (cost of appraisal is $25.00) paid by consignor.

Nevada Safes will recommend the selling price for the safe. The consignor has final say on the pricing of the safe and may change the price at any time

Consignor may withdraw his/her offer and remove the safe after all expenses for consignment have been paid.

Time Table for Safe Consignment:

DAY 1-60 50 % -Nevada Safes, 50 % to Consignor
DAY 61-90 60 % -Nevada Safes, 40 % to Consignor
DAY 91-119 70 % -Nevada Safes, 30 % to Consignor
DAY 120+ Consigner is responsible to remove safe from Nevada Safes location.
A Rental Fee of $2.99/day is charged staring on the 121st day. IF safe remains past 151st day, the safe will be considered abandoned and becomes the property of Nevada Safes.


Complete the form above if you are interested in consigning your safe. If you have questions, please call us at 702-331-7233