Rhino Metals Ironworks Safes Goes Hollywood

The Ironworks safe series by Rhino Metals will be making it’s Hollywood debut in the new motion picture movie The House starring Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler. Ferrell and Poehler play two parents who’ve squandered their daughter’s college fund.

With their daughter graduating from high school and looking forward to college there’s only one thing to do; start an illegal casino in the basement. Ferrell and his friends use the Irownworks PSIW 1818 personal safe, seen in the photo below, to house their cash made at their casino.

If you like Will Farrell movies you won’t be disappointed with this new Warner Bros. release set to open June 30. Be sure to visit our store to see our full line of Rhino Metals products including the Ironworks series safes used in the movie.


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