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Used | International Eurovault EVRH | Depository Safe

Product Details

Dimensions: H: 28" x  W: 21" x D:23.5

Weight: 875 lbs

SoCal Safes - International Eurovault EVRH Depository Safe

Secure Storage for Daily Cash Management

The Depository safe is the heart of everyday cash management in retail stores, restaurants, and any other business where cash in the cash drawer is vulnerable to armed robbery or internal theft. Transferring surplus cash to temporary and secure storage during the workday is a highly successful loss prevention strategy.

A mailbox-style drop-down drawer is included in depository safes enabling quick and easy deposit of cash, money bags, and envelopes into the safe without having to open it. A one-way deposit system secures the contents until authorized access is acquired through the door.



Optional Electronic Locks

Electronic digital pushbutton locks with operational features such as programmable combinations, multiple user interface, time delay, and auditing are available and can be configured with electronic lock devices from LaGard, Kaba Mas, Sargent & Greenleaf, or Millennium Globaloks.