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Gardall | 171718/2 | Fire Safe

Gardall 17178/2 Overview

Can Your Business Survive Record Losses From Fire?

Statistics show that if a company’s records are lost in a fire, 17% can no longer furnish a financial statement, 14% suffer a reduction in credit rating and 43% go out of business completely. No home or business is safe from fire. Your vital records and possessions are only as safe as the quality of protection you provide for them.

The UL 2 hour fire label is furnace tested to 1850 degrees F for 2 hours and the interior temperature of the safe was less than 350 degrees. It also has a lifetime replacement guarantee for fire damage (not including the shipping). As well as being an excellent fire safe, it also has a U.L. Residential Security Container (RSC) Burglary Rating, giving you even more peace of mind that your valuables are secure.

The Gardall 171718-2 UL Burglar & Two Hour Fire Safe features a 4-1/4” thick door with recessed anti-pry design and the safe walls are 2-1/2” thick. Also on the door are five active bolts that lock the door. These massive 1" diameter round bolts extend deep into the safes body. There is also an independent re-locker and hardplate to prevent drilling attacks on the locking mechanism. Also standard is a combination lock with an electronic lock available as an upgrade item. Another neat feature, not found on many other safes in its range is the "shear" handle. In other words, if someone tries to force the chrome handle and too much pressure is applied, the shear pin on the handle will snap and the handle spins free. There is also a center bolt down hole that allows you to bolt the safe to the floor for added security.

Keep your most precious items, valuables and documents safe from fire damage as well as safe from a burglary with the Gardall 171718-2 UL Burglar & Two Hour Fire Safe.

Standard Features:

  • Thick 4-1/4" door with recessed anti-pry design. Safe walls are 2-1/2" thick.
  • Five active bolts that lock in 3 directions, massive 1" diameter round bolts that extend deep into safes body.
  • Center bolt down hole with hardware included for easy installation.
  • (2) Adjustable Shelves.
  • Plush carpeted quality interior (shelves and back panel on door only) to protect jewelry and valuables.
  • UL listed Group II high security combination lock.
  • UL 2-hour fire label, furnace-tested to 1850 F for 2 hours. Interior temperature of safe was less than 350 F during the test and cool down.
  • UL Residential Security Container (RSC) Burglar Rating.
  • Solid chrome-plated handle with shear point to prevent the safe from being forced open by handle attack.
  • Independent re-locker and hardplate to prevent drilling attack on locking mechanism.
  • Lifetime Replacement Guarantee (fire damage only) (not including shipping).
  • Door is removable.
  • Gardall Gray or Sandstone finish standard.
  • Black with Gold Trim available as an upgrade.