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Format | GL10 | Gun Locker

Format Gun Locker

Model GL10

The Format Gun Locker is a great option for people that have a tighter confined space, or for people that are looking for a budget high security container, but aren't worried about a fire rating. With a high security lock, a great warranty, and the great locking bolts that this product has. It will be hard to beat.

Please note that images above are representative of the gun locker line. Actual product may vary. Please see dimension below for actual product.


  • VDMA.A Certified security
  • High security key lock
  • Internal safe with cylinder lock
  • 3 way locking bolt system
  • 5 Locking Bolts


  • Holds up to 10 long guns
  • Free replacement warranty on attempted break-in
  • 1 Year warranty on parts
  • Adjustable Shelving


  • Exterior Dimensions: 59"H x 24"W x 13"D
  • Weight: 276 lbs
  • Cubic Size: 10 cf
  • Gun Capacity: 10 Guns