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You'll never have to turn on the wall switch to have to see your safe lock again with the Cannon Safe light!  It has push-button operation and a bright red LED light source.  It stays illuminated for 2 full minutes and is powered by a 3-volt Lithium Batter (included).  The Security Safe Light simply attaches itself magnetically above your safe lock!

Cannon safe brings you this useful security safe light, allowing owners of all types of safes to have a ready light source to open and inspect the contents of their safe. With the magnetic backing, the light can easily be removed and replaced, making it usable as a flashlight once the safe is opened. The LED light has the ideal brightness for clear visibility to see the safe combination pad.

The light also has an automatic shut-off feature, making battery usage minimal and giving it high efficiency.

Nevada Safes carries the Cannon Security Safe Light for both Mechanical and Electronic safe locks!

Designed to make opening a safe in a dark place fast and simple. This compact light allows you to quickly and clearly see your safe's controls while giving you discreet access-all without impairing night vision. Requires no hardware as it mounts using a strong magnetic back and also becomes a mini flashlight once safe is opened.


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