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Gardall | LCS1414 | Drop Slot Safe

Can Your Business Survive Record Losses from Fire?

The Gardall LCS1414 Drop Slot Burglar Safe is ideal for placing under cabinets, shelves, closets, car trunks, RV’s, delivery trucks, etc. and can be bolted down for greater security. Users make deposits through a slot at the top of the safe, and only combination holders can open the safe. Solid steel construction, anti-pry doors and a strong combination lock help limit unauthorized access. The anti-fish slot will prevent contents from being removed from the drop slot making it ideal for smaller businesses that need to keep cash and other items stored securely.


  • 1/2" plate steel door.
  • 1/8" steel body.
  • Independent relock on the lock.
  • Anti-fish sawtooth baffle
  • Excellent for mounting in delivery vehicles
  • Mounting holes pre-drilled
  • Laser cut door for exact fit
  • Sargent and Greenleaf dial combination lock standard.
  • Digital electronic lock available as an upgrade.

The Gardall LCS1414-G-C Drop Slot Burglar Safe is a solid B-Rate construction with a 1/8" steel body and a 1/2" steel door. The door has three 1" live locking bolts and a S&G U.L. listed Group II dial combination lock. A digital lock can be ordered as an upgrade for an additional cost. This is considered a light duty commercial burglary safe and has no fire protection. There are four 1/2" anchoring holes to bolt the safe to the floor. There is a slot above the door to accept cash or small envelope drops. The slot size is 1/2" H x 6" W.

When you are in business, keeping your cash, receipts and valuables safely secured is of utmost importance. The Gardall LCS1414-G-C drop slot burglar safe is a wonderful asset!