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Gun Safes FAQ

Gun Safes FAQ

What makes a burglary safe a burglary safe?

Before delving into the components that make up a burglary safe, it’s important to understand that there are 32 different ratings designed to create a base of quality for insurance companies to insure the value of the items stored inside. Each level of rating will bump up the quality and features of the safe’s security.

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Benefits of Owning a Safe

The benefits of owning a safe far outweigh the misfortune of not owning one. In times of crisis or emergency, peace of mind is priceless and in the long run well worth the investment.

If you own fine jewelry, family keepsakes, photographs, store cash, coins or other valuable collectables in your house, it would be wise to purchase a safe to preserve these items from fire and theft.

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Top 10 Items To Keep In Your Fireproof Safe

A fireproof safe can also be a lifesaver when it comes to protecting your most valued possessions and important papers. Bank safe deposit boxes may seem like a reliable and secure option when storing valuables. Cameras, security guards, and tons of steel can make this seem like a viable option but exactly how secure and convenient are safe deposit boxes?

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Biometric Gun Safe Locks

When the goal of owning a firearm is protection, the speed at which you access it becomes just as important as storing it safely when it’s not in use. Gun safes provide an added layer of protection with gun ownership that protects family members and prevents theft. Biometric gun safe locks are the latest technological advances among safe manufacturers offering quick secure access to firearms or valuables.

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