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FT Bullseye Pistol Sight Ditches Front Sights for More Accuracy

FT Bullseye Pistol Sight Ditches Front Sights for More Accuracy

Las Vegas, NV – (NevadaSafes.com)- The Meprolight FT Bullseye pistol sight is the first of it’s kind and will change the way shooters acquire their targets increasing response time and accuracy. Milliseconds count in real-time situations and this pistol sight puts shooters on target faster.

The Meprolight FT Bullseye micro optic pistol sight utilizes technology from the best of the worlds of fiber optics, tritium and red dot sights. When red dot sights were introduced they radically changed the way shooters acquired their targets but one drawback was their bulky design. This extra bulk made it challenging to pair a pistol with the perfect holster and sometimes created the problem of sight-snagging on clothing or the holster itself.

With the Meprolight FT Bullseye pistol sight it’s simple. It has a circle and a dot, and when those are lined up the shooter is on target. It has a super slim low-profile design on the rear sight that’s accurate in day or night conditions. This technology is sure to shorten the sight picture acquisition time and change the game the way red dot sights did in the past.

Tritium fiber optic sights have been around for some time but the Meprolight FT Bullseye pistol sight takes it to another level by removing the front sight all together. The tritium has a 12 year shelf-life and the fiber optic tubes are enclosed in a hard shell to protect them from any breakage that might happen if the pistol is dropped on the sight. The Meprolight FT Bullseye sights come in red and green and at this time and are available for Glock’s and Springfield’s only at this time and currently retail for $199.

This reduction in sight picture acquisition also increases the shooters situational awareness because they spend less time lining up rear sight to front sight to target and back. This is great news for competitions shooters, gun enthusiasts and those who carry for self defense.

For more information on these sights visit, http://www.themakogroup.com/ftbullseye.