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Benefits of Owning a Safe

Benefits of Owning a Safe

The benefits of owning a safe far outweigh the misfortune of not owning one. In times of crisis or emergency, peace of mind is priceless and in the long run well worth the investment.

If you own fine jewelry, family keepsakes, photographs, store cash, coins or other valuable collectables in your house, it would be wise to purchase a safe to preserve these items from fire and theft.

Protection from Fire

Protection from theft is often considered one of the first benefits of owning a safe. But just like theft, fire is just as dangerous and can consume your valuables faster than any thief. The average response time for response to a fire is about 3-5 minutes depending on your area. Depending on the cause of the fire, flames can engulf a room or entire home in a matter of minutes. Modern homes are often filled with furniture and decorations made of materials that burn rapidly. Polyester for example, burns much more rapidly than cotton, so when a house if filled with items made of these materials, the home is at greater risk for rapid loss in the event of a fire. So if you have items that need protection from fire as well, consider buying a fire rated safe to protect your valuables and keepsakes.

Protection from Theft

With thousand of home burglaries each year, it’s clear that protection from theft is one of the most obvious benefits of owning a safe. In any home burglary, time is of the essence and the more time you can put between your valuables and a burglar the more you increase your chances of keeping your things.

The prices of safes can vary greatly and will depend on where you’ll install it and what you’re trying to protect. On the lower end, handgun vaults range from $40 – $250 and can protect handguns and small items like wallets and passports. Please understand that handgun vaults won’t protect against fire. Fire rated safes range from $400 – several thousand dollars and the benefits of owning a safe like this is protection from both fire and burglary.

Once you’ve made the decision to purchase your safe there are two other considerations that will make it even more secure and will deter thieves even longer. The first is choosing a covert location inside your home. Many people place their safes in a garage or in plain sight on the main floor of their home but this only make it easy to spot. Choosing a more covert installation area such as a closet or some even build their safes into the walls.

Another way to make your safe more secure and less vulnerable to penetration is to have it bolted down during installation. Thieves have a better chance of opening a safe if they can tip it on it’s back to gain greater leverage with prying tools. So having your safe bolted down will decrease it’s chances of being tipped over and opened.

Other Considerations When Buying a Safe

As stated earlier the amount of space you have and what you want to protect are some of the primary concerns when choosing a safe. Here are a few other things to look out for when making the decision to purchase a safe. Safes that are not made and/or tested in the USA should be researched carefully because manufacturing processes and testing standards are different. When making an online purchase, read the specifications carefully to ensure it will fit in the desired location. Also, be sure that if an online purchase includes free shipping and/or delivery be sure you know exactly what that means. Usually, free shipping will be non-discreet meaning your neighbors will know that you’re getting a safe. Also, if you see ‘curbside delivery’ it usually means the safe will be taken off the truck and placed curbside. It will be up to you to move the safe from your curb into your house or garage which isn’t really a problem if the safe is around 400-800 lbs and you have the proper equipment, but anything over that weight could be a real problem moving around and you could damage the safe.