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Graffunder Safes and Vault Doors

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graffunder_safes_lasvegasWhen you need to be absolutely certain your valuables are protected, you can count on a Graffunder Safe.

Safes for Residential & Commercial Use
Weapon Storage
Multipurpose Safes
Vault Doors

Since 1968, Graffunder Safes and Vault Doors have been hand crafted for commercial and residential use. Guided by the philosophy “quality over quantity”, our products exceed industry standards at every level and in every area. With a specialty in custom work; this business has earned its reputation as “the Rolls Royce of Safes”.

The majority of safes today are classified as a residential security container. Graffunder safes are a safe within a safe, neither stamped nor formed. Graffunder safes are constructed out of plate steel. Our minimum outer body thickness starts at 1/4″ plate steel with an inner body thickness of 14 & 16 gauge. Graffunder’s higher security rated safes are constructed with thicker plate steel.

Most safe manufacturers are proud of their sheetrock fire barrier. A cement composite filling is used between the outer and inner bodies of a Graffunder safe.

Other manufacturers use light weight steel with formed/stamped parts in their doors. Doesn’t heavy steel bars with a rack & pinion gear system sound more secure?

Buyers usually purchase a safe because of the cosmetics on the outside – it looks pretty. Security is our sole purpose. However, our safes are painted with a quality gloss or textured finish – and they do look pretty too. Several appealing exterior colors and interior configurations are available. Not to mention, there are numerous options to choose from – your choice.

Since 1968, Graffunder Safe and Vault Doors have been a leader and innovator in the physical security industry. We’ve established an unequalled reputation of quality by supplying safes, and vault doors to markets such as residential, commercial, banking, and jewelry industries.


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Graffunder B6026 | Gun Safes | Nevada Safes

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Graffunder B7232 | Gun Safe

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Graffunder B7248 | Gun Safe

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Graffunder B6032 | Gun Safe

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Graffunder B6028 | Gun Safes | Nevada Safes

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Graffunder B7248 | Gun Safes | Nevada Safes

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