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Biometric Safes

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biometric safesBiometric Safes use state-of-the-art biometric technology to add a layer of security to your valuables. The easy of access offered by biometric safes offer quick access even in low lit situations and can hold a number of fingerprint profiles.

Biometric gun safes come in different sizes to meet a variety of security needs and are often portable for use in the home or while traveling.

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Liberty HDX-250 | Smart Vault | Biometric Vault

Sale! Liberty hdx-250Liberty hdx-250
$279.99 $199.99
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GunVault GVB2000 | Handgun Vault

gunvault gvb2000gunvault gvb2000
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Liberty HDX-250 Black | Smart Vault | Biometric Vault

Sale! liberty hdx-250 blackliberty hdx-250 black
$279.99 $199.89
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Liberty Presidential 50 | Gun Safes

Sale! liberty presidential 50liberty presidential 50
$8,398.00 $5,999.00
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Liberty HDX-150 | Smart Vault | Biometric Vault

Sale! liberty hdx-150liberty hdx-150
$229.99 $179.89
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GunVault TVB4810 | Tactical Cabinet

Sale! gunvault tvb4810
$599.99 $399.99
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GVB1000 MiniVault | Biometric Safe | GunVault

Sale! biometric safesbiometric safes

Exterior Dimensions 5¼” x 8¼” x 12″

$345.99 $203.00
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MVB500 GunVault Biometric Safe

gunvault mvb500gunvault mvb500

Exterior Dimensions 2½” x 8½” x 11″

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