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Nevada Safes is the Largest Safe Warehouse in the state of Nevada providing home and personal security solutions for all needs and environments.

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how to destroy a gun safe

How to Destroy a Gun Safe - 1,000 Pound Cement Block Drop

How to Destroy a Gun Safe - Head to Head Pry Test

How to Destroy a Gun Safe - 50BMG, 22 Long Rifle, 9mm, Desert Eagle 50AE, 500 Magnum, 12 gauge shotgun, AR-15, SOCOM 16 CQB in 308, Henry 45-70. Armor piercing and incendiary rounds!!!

How to Destroy a Gun Safe - DYNAMITE!!!!

How to Destroy a Gun Safe - Destroyed by Fire

How to Destroy a Gun Safe - More DYNAMITE!!!

Purchasing a safe to protect your valuables in your home or commercial business is an important one. With so many brands and types of safes, which one is best for your needs? One that works! Poorly made safes only offer the illusion of protection but an incidence of theft or fire could be the worst way to learn this lesson. Purchasing a safe is an investment that will provide protection for many years and may even be passed along to other generations in your family. Watch this short video that dives deeper into inexpensive large-chain store bought safes, and why they should be... Read More
fire rated safes
Updated 11-2-2016 When choosing the right safe for your home or commercial space, fire rated safes may be among those considered. The safe you choose should function according to your need. Fire rated safes provide fire protection classified by the amount of time your valuables will remain safe at certain temperatures. 30 years ago, we had about about 17 minutes to escape a house fire, today it's down to about 3 to 4 minutes. Today, modern homes and offices are built with less expensive materials that are much more flammable and burn faster. If there's a fire, you won't have time to collect valuable items you may want to save AND the people you love. Modern home and office fires give you time to do one thing; GET OUT. For this reason, many people choose to protect valuable or irreplaceable items by purchasing a fire rated safe. Not all safes are created equal and not all offer fire... Read More
las vegas gun safes
las vegas philanthropy
Nevada Safes makes charitable contributions to both charities and organizations in the spirit of giving back to others. This donation check was presented to Mr. Don Turner, President of the NVFAC, Nevada Firearms Coalition. One of the NVFAC's main objectives is to be the statewide association promoting the ownership and safe use of firearms for self-defense, competition, recreation and hunting. They also safeguard the rights of the citizens of Nevada to keep and bear arms in accordance with the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Nevada. In addition to the NVFAC, Nevada Safes also makes regular contributions to A Home 4 Spot animal rescue, the Alzheimer's Association, the ASPCA, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, the One Fight Foundation, Shriner's Hospital for Children, the USO, the Wounded Warrior Project, the NRA, the Nevada Firearms... Read More
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